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    Wiifit plus

    I bought wiifit plus a while ago and thought I would put in on the hard drive but I kept getting an error when I used USB loader so I tried wiiflow and it worked. Is there a wad maker for wiiflow as it would be easier for my wife to load it from a channel any help would be welcomed .

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    Use a program called crap to create a channel from the the iso. there are options for the channel to forward to usb which is what u require it to do.

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    Go here to Ithians nice tut. Scroll down til you come to where it says c:system channels.
    Under that there is a link to Wiiflow R25 channel wads.

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    So easy with this guide. Create a channel in seconds and packs it to a wad.

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    Thank to all who helped it is now working from a channel sorry for the late replies I have been sick


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