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Thread: Portal for Mac and PC Is Now Free

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    Portal for Mac and PC Is Now Free

    Until 24th May 2010, you can get the award winning game completely free of charge.

    When Portal was released as part of The Orange Box in 2007, it was met with huge critical acclaim and commercial success. Standalone versions were released for both PC and Xbox 360 shortly afterwards. A sequel was announced in March 2010, and is set for release on Windows, Mac and Xbox 360 nearer the end of this year.

    Portal has had various price cuts during the time it's been out, but this is the cheapest it's ever been: $0.00 (£0.00, €0.00). That's right, the hugely innovative, incredibly popular Portal is For another 12 days, anyway. On PC and Mac. Hang on a minute, you exclaim. Portal isn't available on the Mac! is now. For free.

    Don't ask me to explain this. I have no idea why they're doing this. But hurry up and click the big red button before Valve change their minds.

    Portal used to cost money. Until May 24th, it's free. End of story.
    Well, technically speaking, there are some strings attached. Fortunately, they're entirely decorative. We just like the way they look, swaying in the gentle breeze created by a million people simultanously fainting from shock at the news that Portal is free. Now you have no reason not to try Portal.

    "I have a reason," some of you are probably typing into an angry email. "You see, sir, I own a Mac."

    Well guess what: For the first time ever, Portal is also available for the Mac.

    "Capitol news! But the excellent puzzle adventure Portal won over 40 Game of the Year awards; Surely it must cost at least five or six hundred dollars."

    You'd think that, especially since it actually won over 70 Game of the Year Awards. But, like we keep saying, Portal is free. Free on the Mac. Free on the PC. But only until May 24th. So you only have a few days to decide if your free copy of Portal is worth the price we're currently charging - which is you ever-so-slightly moving your index finger just barely enough to click the big red "download" button right there to the left.
    *Note - The Steam page is getting a LOT of hits, so the page tends to go down. Just keep trying periodically until it comes up.

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    As a Mac user for sometime now (Since I got my MacBook and my sister refuses to give up my HP Pavilion), I'm glad Steam for OSX is out.

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    Wow, Thanks for the heads up Ithian! You da man!
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