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Thread: Monster Hunter Tri (3) : Give it to me in layman's terms

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    Angry Monster Hunter Tri (3) : Give it to me in layman's terms

    Ok so I'll admit that a newbie...with some successful modding experience under my belt but I still have quite a bit to learn.

    With that said; I NEED HELP GETTING MY WII (4.2U FIRMWARE) TO PLAY MONSTER HUNTER TRI. I get to the start menu but can't get past that just the black screen and LOUD buzzing noise. What do I do to fix this? I've searched and searched for answers and the searched again for answers I could understand. Some please give me instructions in the simplest form/way.

    I'm gettin so frustrated!!!!!

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    Look here. This is a learning site, focused on getting you the user experienced and knowledgable about such things. The Recommended Guide thread is the one to read... there's no point in creating another thread on this subject. To do so, it's at your own peril.

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