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Thread: Mutiple WBFS Partitions and USB Loader GX

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    Mutiple WBFS Partitions and USB Loader GX

    Ok, im new to the forum, been searching this problem for days...
    Here is my scenerio
    I have a Softmodded Wii,
    A WD 2tb My Book Essential
    Im Running USB Loader GX the newest version i could find..
    I set up my WD as follows
    3 partitions,
    1 FAT32 25gig, for app directory and other emulators and stuff
    and then 2 WBFS partitions, one 944.46gb and the remaining on the third partition..
    All my backed up games i put on the first partition work flawlessly,
    when i go into USB loader GX and switch to the second partition, and click on a game, it bring up the picture of the disc, i click on it to play, i then get a black screen and it hangs, i have to go force the Wii to power off and power back on..

    This is driving me crazy, any help would be greatly apprecaited..

    Im sorry if i left any info out, im a little new to trying to post about the Wii stuff,

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    It's because your second partition is not the primary and active one!
    Your games play flawlessly off your first partition because that is the
    primary one.And I dont think you can have two primary partitions.
    Also you may want to post in the introductions area. There you will
    find some helpful links.


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