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    Japanese Wii

    Hi, I have a Japanese Wii that has been modded. I am not sure what kind of chip it has or what version it is on. I know that it can play Bioshock 4 in backup if that helps.... I was wondering if someone could tell me a site where I can download Wii updates in .Iso so I can burn them then install?

    Some issues that I have come across when using the machine. Certain games will come up with a 001error. There are 2 Weather channels and 2 news channels I believe. When I pop in a backup the game will show up on the corner but when I click on it to play it gives me an error. When I click on system settings the wrench it gives me something about Opera browser is not connected. Its as if the system settings don't exist anymore.

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    Read this to fix your opera error-

    You need to update your chips firmware to fix your 001, 002 errors

    Read this to update ios and fix black screen games-

    And don#t multipost your issues, people frown on it.
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    Thanks for all the help!


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