I've got some suggestions I feel if implemented would help the site improve and hopefully clear up some of the fail that I see on a daily basis.

Suggestion 1: Sub categorise the guides into simple and advanced categories to not only make things neater but may also prevent the newbies from doing something stupid.

Suggestion 2: Make a registration style form which is mandatory too fill out when submitting a thread in the Bricked forum to make it easier for mod and whoever else wishes to provide assistance to figure out a solution and in implementing such a feature it would force the thread starter to post the required information such as firmware, if they have a modchip installed, if they have boot2 or priiloader etc. soley so that they don't go posting "HELP I bricked my Wii how do I fix it? thanks" or a massive wall of non paragraphed text.

Suggestion 3: Make a rule of some sort regarding the big release games in which there will be an official help thread for help which might help cut back on the countless (as an example) HELP I CANT GET MH3 TO LOAD!!!! threads and such which have been cluttering up the site recently.

Suggestion 4: This one is for the VWAs if they don't mind, make an introduction post which actually provides information on modchips for the modchip users or modify your existing one to implement more information on them as I've seen on a few accounts now mods posting intros soley with softmod guides as helpful links which I personally think is just stupid as they provide no information pertaining to hardmods.


If there are any comments or things people feel I should add to that then speak up.