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Thread: Seagate HDD owners.. Turn off Sleep Mode Software HERE!!!!!

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    Seagate HDD owners.. Turn off Sleep Mode Software HERE!!!!!

    Not sure if this is old news and I am new to posting on this site..Discovered how to turn off the sleep mode or the hibernation mode, auto power off mode on seagate external harddrives. This is a direct download from seagate and it works great and is very easy.!!!
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    black screen / freezing

    thnx. finally found the cure for the black screen sympton by turning off the sleep mode on the hdd. thnx again

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    I supose I don't need to do this? as I have a 500GB seagate "expansion drive" and diddent have to do any modifications to it other than formatting it.

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    Yep, did this awhile ago to 2 of my seagate 1tb HDD's because they kept going to sleep after being on for 15min, Only to smash 1 of them by throwing it at the wall after it got the click of death. 2 months later the other one get's the click of death !!! FML !!!

    People that dont know what the click of death is, Please watch..


    Sorry about that ^^ but i hate seagate, They make me RAGE !

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    From what your said I might avoid seagate drives then thanks

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    Seagate HDD games keep getting corrupted

    Hope someone can point me in the right direction with this. I have a 250gb Seagate Go Flow external hard drive. Been ripping games to the drive using all the USB loaders i.e Usb Loader gx, Wii Flow and USB configurable loader. For a while all the games seem to work correctly then after a few goes at attempting to load a game it's corrupted. Think I may have to bite the bullet and get myself a compatible hard drive from the list but getting annoyed that a brand new drive keeps on doing it. I've turned the power settings off like it said in the previous posts but still keep on having issues with games. It's not like it's a certain game that gives me grief. For example first off Just Dance 2 would go now after formatting the harddrive again and slowly ripping the games back to the drive by the time i've installed all 30 games it's corrupted! Recent problem game is Wii sports for christ sake!

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    Make sure that when u disconnect the drive from your computer you safely eject it..... also make sure its done transfering to hdd.... and don't shut the wii off when in the middle of the game.... exit to wii menu first....

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    I've done all that and still keep getting problems. Beginning to think about formatting my drive to NTFS as i always use wbfs before and see if that makes a difference. Would use FAT32 but its a pain to split the iso and stuff. To be honest it's always been formatted to wbfs so may just give that a try and see how it goes before splashing out on a new drive.

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    I would recommend the 500 gb Seagate Go Flex. Works Perfectly. Plays for a while. Its froze maybe twice in between switching games but never during a game. I also havent performed this sleep mode software yet. Ive had no problems. Downloaded NTSC-U and J, iso, ciso, ect. work great. Highly recommend this drive.

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    i alway disable the sleep mode on harddrives. what happens, if you pause a game for more that a few minutes the drive spins down and goes asleep. the wii will only send a wake command at first switch on so if it sleeps while in the games i.e. while paused then you unpause the game will crash as the HDD stay asleep. i have found it very handy with the kids as if they're playing something and have to pause to get there dinner its NP cos it can stay paused all day if need be!

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