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Thread: D2Sun V1.3A and 4.2 update

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    D2Sun V1.3A and 4.2 update

    Hi all,

    I have a Wii with system update 3.4e and a d2Sun V1.3A5 (I think) modchip in it that has been running fine for a couple of years now. However every second game my wife gets now asks to install the new update 4.2 to play. Ive been searching around to see if it is safe enough to proceed but as always I get a huge range of conflicting answers. Some say "yes update, a modchip will never be disabled by a Wii update" Others say "DONT DO IT YOU WILL DIE!" or words along those lines.

    So im after a straight answer if one exists


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    Its actually the 4.0 or 4.1 system menu which is going to be installed along with the IOS needed by the game to run and I doubt it will be the 4.2 menu as the current list of games with a 4.2 update barely exceeds 5 or so games from memory and if you use the out of region loading capabilities of your d2sun then if you ever go to the 4.2 system menu or higher whenever that becomes available your out of region games will become unplayable.

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    Hi Favs thanks for the reply!

    Basically we only use the chip to play backups of legit games as we have a 2 year old who eats discs for breakfast! So out of region gameplay isnt a problem as we only have PALs.

    So other than loss of NTSC compatibility it should all be sweet?

    Thanks again

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    If the region of the game is the same as the region of your the Wii then the updates shouldn't casue any chaos but if the region of the game is different then don't update or you'll have a nice shiny white brick.

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    No worries thanks

    So it that the "Now you will wish you were dead" kind of bricking? Or the "Its bricked! But fixable kind of bricking"

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    Out of region update = Wish you didn't do it might as well go buy a new Wii.

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    Thats what I though!
    But once again that would only be if you accepted a system update from an out of region disc wouldnt it, they wont do it automatically.... or will they :O Unless my local shops sell me out or region games I should be all good though lol

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    Yep, you pretty much need to be the one to accept the update on the disc and Its all a matter of checking the boxart for the region code which is usually located in the lower corner on the front or somewhere on the back.

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    great to see some help in here

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    Indeed! Thanks again


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