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Thread: Unable to run any app from HBC, in dopmii I Pressed + for ios32 lowest version

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    Unable to run any app from HBC, in dopmii I Pressed + for ios32 lowest version

    Ok, Im not finding this issue in any search so I need to ask.

    Trying to run ANY app from the HomeBrew Channel goes to black screen and coltroller lights go out.

    From Dop-mii I loaded ios 32 and selected ios32 (or 36?) and scrolled to the lowest version number and pressed +. Then did a network update/load and now I can run nothing from HBC. I cant eve rerun the SD boot thing.

    I was going to do a NAND restore, but it says nothing in slot 2 and I dont have X or Y buttons to proceed anyway.

    What do you recommend I do?

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    Backup and format your card
    extract to sd:\
    Boot the wii and click the sd icon
    Load the boot.dol
    Select ios249, press A
    Select ios, mios, bc- press A
    Install ios36-v3351 with patches
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    Well, its been a while since I messed with it, and can't remember what I have changed now. I was trying to install mplayer and the hacks to be able to play dvd's.. It locks up playing media files from SD and also locks up playing dvds. I can not play any games because I can not access the drive it seems.. Suggestions?

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    Did you miss the post above yours??
    Damn I suck!!!!


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