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Thread: Not Looking for the best chip, but one that works! :D

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    Not Looking for the best chip, but one that works! :D

    Hi, I just bought a new Wii console, haven't even received it yet. It's the new Black Wii with Wii Sports Resort bundle, and I'm curious as to how I can tell wich solderless chip solution will work on it. Has anyone seen yet what drive it has and consequently what mopdchip I'd be safe buying?

    Also, although my current Wii has a Wiikey 1.0 that I installled myself, I don't have experience with the "solderless" solutions... Are they REALLY 100% solderless??


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    A black Wii will probably come with a D3-2 drive which cannot play backups, not even with a traditional modchip.

    Your only hardmod solutions are therefore Hard drive based ones like WODE and Sundriver.

    or a softmod Hard Disk solution.
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    Darn... I was all set to get one of those WasabiDX ones, solderless solution....

    Guess I got a lot of reading to do.... SOwhat would you recommend as the best option? (I don't care for imports, like you loose on 4.2, just same-region backups).
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    Well the WODE is a solderless modchip, the best solution in your situation and it works extremely well and the features it has keep on coming as new updates get released.

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    Yeah, so I see.... Only thing is I hate to see all the burned discs I have already go to waste... (Plus adding storage to the price of the device...)


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