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Thread: 2 Players on FCE? Or SNESX?

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    2 Players on FCE? Or SNESX?

    I cannot figure out how to do this and I feel stupid asking. But I can't figure it out. Does it matter what version of the emulators you have?

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    Usually its a selection in the game itself. Maybe someone who plays emulated games can help.

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    If you have the newest version of FCEU (The NES emu, right?) It asks you if you'd like to sync another wiimote after you sync the first one. For snes9x, did you try just plugging in another controller? Again, just make sure the emu's are up to date.

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    Odd, it's never asked me to syn any controllers. But either way thanks for the advice I'll take a look tonight. I do have the latest version (that I'm aware of). Maybe its one of those obvious things I just overlooked.


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