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Thread: Please help screen random blackout problem with component cable

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    Unhappy Please help screen random blackout problem with component cable

    hi, I've got the screen blackout problem with my wii component cable (not official one, 4 pounds one...). I did a little search online but it seems not related to the cable. Anyone has same problem? It happens randomly/sort of related to voltage fluctuation. I never had this problem with the default av cable. And it happens before and after I softmoded my wii. When it happens, my samsung TV goes totally black and loses the sound too, but the game and console itself are still running as normal. So it caused several sudden death in the game...

    Any idea? Please help. Thanks!

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    I was googling about the same problem, and found this thread (found nothing else about the same problem yet). I just got a component cable yesterday, and while playing, had that problem twice, in two different games. The occurrence seems random too. However, because my audio is sent to a receiver, it didn't went out during the blackout.

    Do you have any update on the problem?


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