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Thread: Wii Nunchuck Seemingly unresponsive....

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    Wii Nunchuck Seemingly unresponsive....


    Ive just started using Homebrew and have successfully loaded the Homebrew channel and patched and run some ISO games, however, I seem to have a problem in that the Nunchuck does not seem to respond in game.

    For example I played Tiger Woods 08 and game load fine, but when I go to play I cant swing the club as it appears the signal from the Nunchuck is not recognised.

    All buttons work, just the motion not being picked up.

    Anyone else suffered from this or shed some light.

    Many thanks

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    is it just the homebrew channel backup loader or is it normal games loaded through the wii disk channel because i don't think that people should go through patching and crap when they can just get a modchip.
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    There are Homebrew games (like Quake and Doom) .. where you'll need to start the game .. then remove/re-attach the nunchuck in order for it to work .. it's possible the ISO loader needs the same action.

    Start your backup .. then remove the nunchuck .. then re-attach it .. see what happens.


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