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    This is an upcoming app. This isn't a regular twitter app for iPhone/iPod. This one is feature packed with much more things than others. It will be released this week and will be available on the App Store for only $0.99. Believe it, its just $0.99 for the soon to be, best Twitter App for iPhone out there. First of all, here's a general overview video of the App by SwaggCertified:

    YouTube - Tweetaholic: General Overview

    If you're interested in the App, you can follow CarlosTheBird on Twitter for more info.

    Features (quoted by the creators; RichyRich, cdevwill and veence)

    "One thing that wasn't mentioned in the video, the application has native Twitlonger support; all you do is type the extended tweet and send."

    "#TweetaholicApp is now officially supported by @boxcar Yfrog Image :"

    There are much more that I'm currently looking for, e.g, blacklisting.

    Find all the creators on Twitter:
    Will Strafach (cdevwill) on Twitter
    Swagg Certified (SwaggCertified) on Twitter
    veence (veence) on Twitter

    Tweetaholic for iPhone

    Visit here again after release date as I plan to do a review for the App. Will be buying this wonderful App from the AppStore for a mere $0.99.
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