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Thread: blank screen trying to load game

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    blank screen trying to load game

    hi , i currently have a D2Sun v3 modchip and when i try and play copy games im getting a black screen . Ive copyed mario kart with a verbatim dvd-r disc x4 speed

    when i load console i can see mario kart in the top left box ,but when i click on it and click start just black screen . my wii version is 3.3e .
    the game is pal region and i removed update burnt with imgburn

    any ideas


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    sorry its a PAL

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    its telling me i need to update ? do i need to do it even though i have the latest 3.3e

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    **update ** i installed update and its working fine , another question if i may. I download mario super sluggers NTSC and getting same probs as i did mario kart , ive made it region free and removed patch still black screen , but i can play through geckOS any ideas thanks

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    super mario sluggers does not work on pal wiis, because the game didn't even come out in europe yet. it can only be loaded through gecko os for now if u have a different region than usa.
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    i was under the impression you can download jap and usa games , make them region free and remove updates and they play without geckOS ?


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    not if you are at 3.3e. got to load the patched/hacked games through the geckos channel

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    i knew i shouldnt of updated lol


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