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Thread: help adding lang jap wii ntsc-u >ntcs-j

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    help adding lang jap wii ntsc-u >ntcs-j

    hello all

    my wii is upgraded to 3.1jv3

    trying to play somegames with no luck
    smg, bloom blox.. blub, brain acdemy , and some other more.

    on all of them i removed updated and when i play i get black screen.!!!!
    i read that some game check for lang setting on wii.
    Is that true ? that is why i get balck screen?????

    i tryied patching blox NTSC-U with truca the main. and replaces lang file with wspl.exe.
    i choose option 2 (jap)

    and no go !!!!!!!!!!!1 still black screen and one can advise ?

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    just to let u know

    i have a jap wii

    but i am an english reader, my goal is to play english game on jap wii


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