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Thread: Wii Console -> Computer Bluetooth Connection

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    Wii Console -> Computer Bluetooth Connection

    There is alot of talk about making the Wiimote connect with a computer over bluetooth but I am wondering if you can link a Wii Console to a computer. What I am thinking of doing is taking a electronic drum set, plugging it into my computer via MIDI. Then writing a program, similar to those found in the Wiimote translators, that will then output over bluetooth to the Wii Console. This is all to allow me to use an electronic drum set for Guitar Hero World Tour or Rock Band.

    Problems that I potentially see:
    • I dont know if there is some kind of unique bluetooth connection between the Wii Console that doesnt allow it to get pair to something like a computer, because I couldnt find any discussions on the matter.
    • Latency is a concern.
    • Figuring out the specific bluetooth signals that need to be sent.

    Any opinions or feedback would be greatly appreciated and I will post my findings.

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    Thats is an interesting project, keep us posted on your progress.

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    So I have run into my first wall trying the most basic of tasks, the connection between the wii console and my computer. I am running BlueSoleil and a generic bluetooth version 1.2 usb dongle to try and detect my Wii console. Basically I am pushing the Sync button on the Wii console in hopes that it would show up in the BlueSoleil console or that I could find it when using the search function of Bluetooth Places. Neither method turned up any results. I am wondering if there is some kind of hand shake that the wii console is expecting from the computer that I cant emulate. I find it strange that this would be the case because the wiimote can be linked to a computer so easily.

    At the same time another idea popped into my head and that was to use the USB interface somehow instead of bluetooth. Does anyone know if its possible to mimic Wiimote commands through the usb port? Either way I have not given up.

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    That's a really interesting project. I'm not sure how to connect the console via bluetooth, but i'm sure their is a way.

    Keep it up! I hope this turns out good.

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    I have found a bit of information on the topic of connecting a computer to wii console via bluetooth. I search google for wiimote emulator and found a couple of forum posts but nothing definitive or of any technical help. The best thing I have found is on talking about how you need to change the HID descriptor and attributes before you can connect a bluetooth device to the console. He also provides a program that can adjust those settings for you. However he provides the results showing the communication but is unaware of the next steps involved and the connection ends up closing. Unfortunately he is using a linux box with built in linux bluetooth daemon functions that I dont have access to on my windows machine. I will keep you updated on my findings.

    I also came up with the idea of hooking up to the expansion port of the wii throught i2c protocol and then using a translator program to run send the appropiate data to the wiimote.

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    I'd think it'd be pretty difficult, time consuming atleast, but very cool.

    also, this is off topic and a little obscure, but does anyone think that an overclocked wii is viable for using more processor intensive physics apps or in-game physics mods possibly downloadable from homebrew channel? (in the future of course) The wii has a low tdp and is excellently cooled, so I think that it wouldn't be too hard with the hardware aspect.

    If I make any progress in this area i'll let you guys know, but the prospect of a Wii physics mod is pretty cool.


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