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Thread: What should I do next to play new games?

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    What should I do next to play new games?


    I have WII D2C with WII menu 3.2 and modchip D2PRO with SPI (Version2.0?). HBC is installed v1.0.6 and Bootmii as boot2 and I have made a nand backup.

    Do I need to do some more preventive actions to protect against brick or to made recover possible?

    What do I need to do to play the latest games? Just upgrade? I think this is not recommended. Some say that it’s better to stay on Menu 3.2. How can I play the newer games? I suppose I have to install the required IOS for the game? Only the IOS listed in the tread: “Which IOS Games Use To Run”? Do I need NUD Downloader and download the required IOS and install the WAD file with WAD Manager? Is it only this to do?

    Or do I need to do the complete softmod thing? I'm a little lost how to manage a WII with hardmod and what softmods i need to do?

    Thanks for your feedback

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    Follow the 3.1-4.1 guide in my signature by dogeggs. Softmod all the way, do the optional update to 4.1 from the guide and install priiloader to block disc updates. As far as ios's, you'll get lots of the current ones after going to 4.1. You do not have to do the steps in his guide about installing HBC or Bootmii since you already have that. You can use NUSD to get the ios file or download them as wad files and install with wadmanager.

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