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Thread: Restore region FREE to 4.2/4.3 wiis

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    Restore region FREE to 4.2/4.3 wiis

    As you know, 4.2/4.3 hardmod wiis have lost region free ability when disc loading. Do to the increased region checks in system menu 4.2/4.3 modchip users are unable to load region free games. This is a simple method to restore this ability.

    Restore region free to your wii-
    Format your sd card. A standard sd card, 1-2g recommended. SDHC cards may not work
    4.2 wiis, download bannerbomb v2 and extract it to sd:\
    4.3 wiis, download letterbomb and extract it to sd:\
    Download the hackmii installer, extract the boot.elf to sd:\
    Download the priiloader 0.7 installer, extract to sd:\
    Download hacks_hash.ini, save it to sd:\apps\priiloader

    Your sd card should look like this-
    You should put this in your wii now

    Run the Hackmii Installer
    4.2 wiis- run bannerbomb v2-
    load the wii system menu and click on the sd icon. It should ask you to load the boot.elf. Say yes.
    4.3 wiis- run letterbomb-
    make sure the date and time on the wii is set. Go to your message board, find the bomb and open it. Load the boot.elf

    The hackmii installer should load.
    You what to install the HBC,
    Install bootmii as ios and boot2 if possible,
    Prepare the sd card for bootmii.
    Once that is done, exit the hackmii install -this should load the HBC.

    Make a nand backup
    In HBC press [home] on your wiimote and load bootmii
    Wiimotes do not work in bootmii. Use the buttons on the wii to navegate.
    Power, Reset, Eject
    Make a nand backup, it will take a while
    When it is done save sd:\nand.bin and sd:\key.bin in a safe place on your pc

    Install Priiloader
    If your not in the HBC, launch it
    Open the priiloader installer
    Read all the warnings, then press + on your wiimote
    This will install priiloader. When the install if complete it should return to HBC

    Load Priiloader
    Hold the reset button on the wii, keep holding it, priiloader should load
    Select system menu hacks.
    Notice- there are lots of hacks to chose form, some of them do thing you may not like.
    --So if you don't know what the hack is or why you would need it, don't enable it.--
    Enable- block disc updates, block online updates, region free disc
    You can experiment with the other hacks also, if you don't like it you can always disable it
    Save the hacks and exit to the system menu. Try to load an out of region game

    You now have HBC installed, bootmii installed, you have a nand backup, and most importantly priiloader.
    If you do not wish to have the HBC installed, you could uninstall it- just load the hackmii installer and uninstall HBC.
    Updating your system menu will remove priiloader, so don't update from Nintendo.

    You should not uninstall Bootmii or Priiloader- you do want to keep these.
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    This needed to be posted, badly. This is informative and completely essential for people wanting to reacquire functionality of their older hardmods. Very much a recommended tut by me (for what that's worth).

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    Yea, I didn't even rea;ize he posted this. Nice one mauifrog!!!!!
    We get so many folks asking us what to do to regain region free playability again, and all we can ever tell them is wait for a firmware revision on their modchip, or ohwell I guess you are screwed. Will be nice to point them in a direction that has a light at the end of the tunnel
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    Same Here..... hmmmm do i hear STICKY!!!!

    Nice Job!!!!

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    Excellent and someone's already stickied --- good guide, good call

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    Yes well done and a very nice guide.A lot of people will be very happy to read this.

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    Silly question but will this work on LU64+ wii's?

    edit: I think I answered my own question and the answer is yes. I was reading that LU64 wii don't support the older menus like 3.2. So 4.1 the was I see it should me fine.

    Wonderful guide btw.
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    it only work on (hard modded) wii?
    what about (soft modded) Wii,it will work on that?

    i wish if that will work on my wii
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    It works on any wii.
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    well thanks man

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