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Thread: pro evolution soccer 2010 online update

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    pro evolution soccer 2010 online update

    Hey guys, my original disc of this game broke but i had a backup and patched it with wii brick blocker. Now when i got to the online section, it says that there is a new update avaliable and I have to download that before being able to play online. So I was wondering whether it is just a game update (eg. new teams, players, etc.) or does it update the wii in anyway? And whether i will be able to avoid a brick if i download it. Thanks for your help.

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    Does it say the words "system update" in the popup? does the popup resemble a standard wii sytem menu notification? If yet to either i would say no no no. I'm sure someone one on here will have the stones to try and let your know though. be patient.
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    I've downloaded the update and had no problems. Seems it's only for updated rosters/

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