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Thread: My Threads Are Being Seen On Other Websites

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    My Threads Are Being Seen On Other Websites

    Hello. I didn't know if I got the right section but here it goes.

    Recently, I posted a thread: New Super Mario Bros-Save data Won't Copy

    However, I have found that this thread has also been posted on another website not realted to wiihacks: New Super Mario Bros-Save data won't copy!

    It was not mentioned in the rules the wiihacks shared threads/personal information with other websites. If this is true I would like some confirmation right away!!


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    That wasn't us I assure you. Looks like a bot or someone trying to get hits. Notice all the crap links under it? Anyone who has access to our forum could have done this and I bet the snatched up the phrase new super mario bros since it's such a hot button issue.

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    That whole site looks like a fail spamblog. Nothing to do with us for sure.
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    LOL, some people can't or wot come up with there own material so they have to steel it from others.

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    Yep thanks for your replies everyone. That is definitely a copy of my post, & it being such a dodgy website, I was afraid that maybe they had accessed all of my threads not to mention my personal information. I just wondered if wiihacks was involved with it.


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    No. The most they would have access to would be any posts that are visible on the forum to a normal member. Stuff like your e-mail and anything else you supplied are still under lock and key. If you wanted to you could copy and post anything that I've ever posted on here onto another site. Stuff in open forum is pretty much out of our control in that instance, so unless you posted your social security number or phone number in open forum you're safe.


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