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Thread: Error message, HELP! o.O

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    Exclamation Error message, HELP! o.O

    When I turn on my Nintendo Wii and put any game in, it says "Error occurred. Press the eject button and remove the disc. Turn the power off and follow the instructions in the console manual." Manual says to turn off console, unplug from wall, wait 5 mins & plug back in. Still getting same message. Tried a few different games (including a Game Cube game) still same message. Looked under Nintendo's site and it just says I will have to send it in for repairs... Can anyone help???

    PS This message only appears when I insert a game. Otherwise, I am able to go to the Wii menu.

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    (lose the bold) Are you softmodded? If so which guide did you use and how do you load your games? Do any games work?

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    Sorry, Didn't realize BOLD was on...

    Um, I'm like the biggest dork, I have no idea what softmodded means...? I'm just inserting the games. I get the same error message w/each game (even a Game Cube game). & I used the standard Wii Operations Manual that came with my console...

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    Have you ever played anything except for store bought games? Like backed but dvd's of games for example?

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    No, only store bought games.

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    So I take you have never modified your wii lol

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    No, never modified it.

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    Yeah, your best bet is to send it to nintendo to fix. If you had messed up trying to mod it we'd be able to help, but it sounds like your wii just found the natural end of it's life, lol.

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    Thanks anyways! I guess my Wii is now a Waa!

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    LOL. Sorry partner. Maybe nintendo will help you out since you didn't screw around with it like we do and it met a natural end.

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