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Thread: help! i want to play my game files at my friends house!

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    help! i want to play my game files at my friends house!

    hi. i was wondering if it is possible to play my saved files at a friends house without having to bring my whole wii, and if it is possible, how? for example, i am playing twilight princess and i want to play my file at his house. but i know if i use his wii my file wont be there. i cant bring my wii over there and even if i could it would get tiring plugging in my wii over and over again. is it possible to save my file data on an sd card or something and play it on his wii?

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    Use the copy save file feature in Save Data options. Unless the game is copy protected it should transfer right over. Otherwise make sure both consoles are softmodded and use SaveGame Manager to extract the save and import it to your friend's console.

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    That font is terrible Ithian, lol.

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    I told him that yesterday Spectrum ZX

    Anyway why dont you transfer your save data to your sd card through data management and then transfer it to your mateys wii memory

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    thx. ill try that. and if you mean by "soft-modded" that we both have homebrew channel and all that stuff, then yeah we have that.

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    oh, thanks a lot guys! i downloaded game save manager and its all good.

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    As OP has resolved his issue, thread closed --- glad you got it sorted.

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