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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy 2 packed with Bonus DVD

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 packed with Bonus DVD

    Controlling a tubby little space plumber can be hard work, but thankfully Nintendo have our backs. For the Japanese and European PAL release of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Nintendo will bundle in a how-to-play DVD, called ‘First Super Mario Galaxy 2’ in Japan.

    Playable only on a DVD player and not the Wii system itself, the disk will feature a series of videos explaining everything from basic Mario controls to more practical uses of his abilities in the game environment. Also included are ‘Super Play’ videos showcasing expert play, similar to the unlockable videos found within New Super Mario Bros. Wii, including something for both new players and veterans.

    Speaking in an investor’s briefing yesterday in Japan, reported by andriasang, Nintendo CEO Saturo Iwata described the DVD as a way of introducing new fans of traditional 2D Mario titles to the controls mechanics of a 3D world, and that the control of Mario in 3D games was still an issue in within the Japanese market.

    While the DVD remains unconfirmed for an Australia release, being bundled with the European PAL release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 makes it likely that our shores will see something similar.
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    Packed with a bonus DVD, huh? Probably as well as a massive update.

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    Already posted this a few days ago in the games section from memory and I think a simple search would of yealded great results
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