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Thread: homebrew channelw not loading my apps

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    Question homebrew channelw not loading my apps

    Well first of all my wii is hacked to have a ISO (for neogamma the IOS is 249( for the ISO) so when I go to the HBC it doesn't load anything (the sd card is in and it has all the apps)(also the sd card has been formatted to be FAT 32). it's neogamma R7 (the reason i want the HBC to work is to use a set of files a friend sent me (the files are textures for SSBB) and the channel doesn't work. I also updated the HBC (because it kept asking me to update it so i did). and thx for the help
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    SD:\apps\(your app floders).

    It should work if you have it setup this way.

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    Make sure the file inside is named boot.dol as a lot of downloads are named as application.dol

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    i have everything set up normally but it's still not working and i don't know why

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    Press 1 on your wiimote while your in HBC then choose "Internal SD Slot" and see whats happens.

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    Have you tried using another sd card? Are you using a sdhc card? Have you tried reformatting the card?

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    i have an sd hc but it used to work but im trying something to c if it will work

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    Make sure the lock switch on the sd is not on lock

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    ok how about if i use the entire pack (hack mii installer i think that would work i will install the homebrew channel again ). would that reset my CIOS to normal? because i don't want that

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    the thing did not work is there a hack to install homebrew that is compatible with ISO249 ( i think it's the one i have for the neo gamma R7

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