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Thread: SSBB black screen (WiiGator's ISO loader)

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    SSBB black screen (WiiGator's ISO loader)

    Hey i got SSBB iso and I'm trying to load it with Wiigator's loader. I got it to boot and I made a save file, but after that it went black. From then on, whenever I boot it, it shows the "Please have enough room around you" screen and then goes black.

    Any help? I burned it with image burn to a DVD+r DL disk at 2X speed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Mod View Post
    You don't need the loader unless you have the scrubbed version.
    wait, i dont understand. I dont need the loader? (I don't have a chip.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Mod View Post
    You need a modchip to boot all of your backups.......most of the loaders needs the game to be patched to play properly, and it don't make sense.
    Yeah i patch all my backups. Does this mean it's just the loader or the disk?

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    I checked online super smash brother doesn't work you can check witch games work and what doesn't here Backup Launcher - WikiTemp

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    Tanks you two. I'm glad I don't have to burn another DL disk, those things are expensive.

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    always willing to help


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