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Thread: Rock Band Guitar Crossover

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    Ca Rock Band Guitar Crossover

    I have heard that the Rock band guitar will not work Guitar Hero on the Wii. Any confirmation of this??

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    yes true for both ps3 and wii

    xbox has had some ease on the battle between the two companies

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    u can buy a controller that works with both

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    Quote Originally Posted by wenandchuck View Post
    u can buy a controller that works with both
    The Icon wireless guitar works great with both rock band and guitar hero. just make sure you put 4 AA batteries in the guitar.


    The Wireless Guitar Evolution features a unique 10 fret button system for unmatched realism and full range of play. Hammer out powerful rhythm notes on the higher set of fret buttons and jump to the lower set to perform blistering solos.

    ICON - Wireless Guitar Evolution

    "This unique design allows the Wii controller to be hidden in the base of the guitar while still allowing full use of the controller. Use the included USB dongle to allow full compatibility with RockBand, RockBand 2, Rock Revolution, Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero: World Tour."
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    no one would make a game where u need the ones that come with it, they would lose so much money

    i mean u buy 1 for 100, and then another for 100 -,_-, many wouldnt

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    what controller?

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    Hello, I've got a previous post up that addresses all the compatibility issues with the rock bank / guitar hero games


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