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Thread: How to use Parental Control with GX Loader

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    How to use Parental Control with GX Loader

    Hi all

    I hope this helps..
    I was struggling to get the parental control to work, even after reading the forum posts.
    Anyway I did find something that was missing;

    Wii Menu
    1. Select -> Wii Options
    2. Select -> Wii Settings
    3. Wii System Settings (page 2) Select -> Parental Controls
    4. Change Parental Controls? Yes
    5. Enter your Pin. (if you have not set one this will skip)
    6. Game Settings and PIN
    7. Now you have Parental Controls, PIN, Question and the all important Highest Game Rating Allowed
    8. Select Game Rating; from list move to the age rating you want and select, make sure you highlight the age you want, this will be show as orange corners around age selected.
    9. OK, age and PIN set, then Settings Complete.

    GX Loader
    1. Settings, and Parental control
    2. Console unlocked first, and go back to game list

    Here is what I found was missing;
    1. Select game you want to restrict and then settings
    2. Select -> Game Load, in here down the list we have Parental Control;

    Found that every game is default set to 0 (Everyone), so we need to set this to the correct age.
    Make sure you save settings on game when done and continue for each game you wish to restrict.

    3. Back to GX Loader Parental Control, set Controllevel to 0 (Everyone)

    This is so we are using the Wii Parental Control system

    4. Set your Password and Lock Console

    Now the GX Loader will have the Padlock shown in the locked position (top of the screen), so it is now using Wii Parental settings;

    If you had 40 games and set 5 to restrict, the Games count will now only show 35, restricted games not shown on selection list.

    Select Padlock and enter your password, now all games are shown, reselect padlock and switch back to restricted.

    Sorry if I have made this too long or gone on a bit, just wanted to make sure I had all the details for you.



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    Approved. This will be good tutorial to sticky in the 'Wii Family Games' section Just let me know when you're ready for it to be moved since you might want to add/remove/correct some things.

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    Fine by me, would be an honor

    onless you spot any mistakes??


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