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Thread: Fastest USB LOADER

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    Fastest USB LOADER

    Hey guys
    Im guessing this is where I post this.... I am installing games from disc onto my HD and have been trying a few different loaders which I have found vary GREATLY in speed. Here is what Ive found and Im hoping people might be able to add to this and we can find out which is the quickest. I have a ton of games on disc that I want to chuck on the HDD so quicker the better.

    * USB LOADER GX is the best so far - about 6-8 min for 3+ gig

    * Coverflow was abysmal, taking over 30 min for a game with less MB.

    * Wii Flow might be (not sure) even a bit faster then USBLOADERGX by a min or two but only did one game so far and not sure how big it was....

    That is also one advantage of USBLOADER over WiiFlow, it provides more information about game size and time it will take to "install". Im not sure if this is because the skin/theme I have on WiiFlow.

    Look foward to hearing what others have experienced.

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    I think all the usb loaders will install the same game in the same amount of time. Did you try this "Coverflow was abysmal, taking over 30 min for a game with less MB" with Usb Loader GX? Usually the only games that take 30 minutes or longer are dual layer disc games, your Wii must have had troubles reading that disc.

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    Nah I havent but good idea. Ill check it out. It wasnt a dual layer though


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