By Jacob Mazel 07th May 2010
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The Japanese publisher
blames the poor performance of Bionic Commando,
Dark Void, and Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles for
the drop alongside delays of key games. Profit is
expected to grow this FY.

For the year ending March 2010, Capcom posted a net income (profit) of 2.167 billion yen, which amounts to about $23 million at current exchange rates. In the year ending March 2009, when Resident Evil 5 had successfully launched, Capcom had profits of 8.063 billion yen or about $86 million. Revenues fell to 66.837 billion Yen for the fiscal year - down from 91.878 billion Yen in the prior year.

Capcom attributes most of the drop in profit to two factors.

1) Dark Void (PS3, X360), Bionic Commando (PS3, X360) and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (Wii) all performed worse than Capcom's expectations.

2) Super Street Fighter IV (PS3, X360) and Lost Planet 2 (PS3, X360) were also delayed.

On the bright side, Capcom did say it was pleased with the performances of some titles in the fiscal year.

1) Monster Hunter 3 for Wii "achieved healthy growth".

2) Ace Attorney Investigations for DS and Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition (PS3, X360) "performed satisfactorily".

3) Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (Monster Hunter Portable 2G and its two 'best editions') and Sengoku Basara: Battle Heroes performed well for the PSP in Japan.

Because of the underperformance and delays of key titles in North America, that segment of Capcom actually posted a 2.072 billion Yen ($22 million) operating loss for the fiscal year - down from a 4.054 billion Yen operating income the previous fiscal year. In Japan, the operating income fell 11% to 11.775 billion yen in the year ending March 2010. Operating income in Europe dropped to a paltry 136 million Yen in the fiscal year (about $1.4 million). Mainland Asian sales dropped too - operating income fell to 153 million yen which was down 58% from the previous fiscal year.

With a stronger line-up of titles for the March 2011 year (Monster Hunter 3, Lost Planet 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Dead Rising, and others) Capcom projects to have revenues of 95 billion Yen ($1.01 billion) and a profit of 8 billion Yen ($85 million).

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