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    Exclamation Help!!

    Im modding my wii right now, with a D2sun pro 1.31. Ive placed it on the board, but it only flashs red, when i turn the wii on, it goes blue. But my wii wont accept any disks. I read somewhere you have to short something, my chip also came with a wire, whats the problem?! I bought my wii at launch in canada. Please help.
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    I used a wii clip. theres a sticker on my wii inside that says D24775. Im assuming this is the chipset?

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    I dont know, someone told me, but i think im suppose to short something with the wire D2SUN 1.31 and Wiiclip (Support D2c2 & D2E) (Presoldered) For Sale
    The fifth picture there tells me to short something, and i have a wire. Or it wont accept my dvds, and thats whats happening.

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    Thanks, how do i check my chipset? And me wii is open right now, do if theres anything i can tell you that can determine my chipset ask me, and ill tell you.
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    I am using a first gen wii, so my chipset (i think) is DMS? I dont know what to do for those jumper settings? what is that diagram all about?

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    I dont knowXD I do know, for sure that its DMS though. Ill post a pic.

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    Sorry for bad quality, here it is

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    Its version V3C

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    so what should i do now?

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    What?XD The reason why i bought the chip was becasue it was advertised as solderless. Right here on Canadamods Thats what i bought

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