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Thread: Crazy Intro refuses to be customised

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    Exclamation Crazy Intro refuses to be customised

    I can get Crazy intro (the latest version) to work fine with Preloader 0.29
    Installing and loading the .dol file is a piece of cake
    But i can't add my own pictures/music/video
    It ALWAYS shows the default one
    I have tried many different ways to get my own intro to show up but nothing works
    I have changed theme.xml
    i have put the files i want to use in the right folder
    Crazy Intro only wants to play the default intro

    Any helps guys??

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    same here man.. i even deleted everything that it came with and put only my custom boots and yea it still goes to the default.. theirs three different folders. the default,kanji10,and stock_spy+the root. i tried putting my custom boots in all of these and still no go.. and i cant find much search info on the product.. anyone care to help us?

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    You must change crazyintro.xml. It should be in the crazyintro folder. The latest versions use the parameter "random" for the theme, so you can just delete the themes you don't want.

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