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Thread: i need help with neogamma black screen

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    Question i need help with neogamma black screen

    i know this has been ask in other threads, but no one has given a answers to the problem. so i have neogamme 7 and r8 beta. so i have been using neogamme for about 5 months and everything was working fine. tell a few weeks ago when i click on neogamme the screen trun black and the system turn of in side (but still on) so i when back and reinstalled everything and nothing worked. so i try installing neogame 8 but it does the same problem.

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    You're saying not when loading a game, but the backup loader itself, right? Do me a favor and double-check your System Menu version --- Click settings, and then look upper right corner and report back.

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    We need alittle more info:

    1. wii system menu
    2. what did you reinstall
    3. and what error do you get when installing the channel

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    yea it happens when you click on it. ver. 4.2U and reinstalled Ios 249 and i think 39 i got no error message
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    If you accepted an update (even a "within" 4.2 update) it could've killed your cIOS. Load up wad manager and see if it still defaults to IOS 249 and if it works. If not, you'll have to resoftmod and put Priiloader on it.

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