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Thread: Backup Loader Basics

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    Backup Loader Basics

    This pretty much is a basic tutorial/guide for backup loading.

    Preparing your Wii
    First find out what system menu your Wii is running on. To do this select the Options button in the Main menu. Look in the upper right corner, you should see a number followed by a letter. The number represents the system menu version while the letter represents your region.

    If your Wii is on any system menu between 3.1 to 4.1, do this tutorial here

    If your Wii is on system menu 4.2, then do this tutorial here

    Please note, if your Wii is not on 4.2, its recommended to stay away from it and use the older tutorial!

    Choosing a Backup Loader
    Here are some backup loaders you can use. If you choose to download the .dol file for the loader, it must go in a sub folder inside the apps folder and be named boot.dol, E.g:

    If you want the loader as a channel, you can download the wad or make your own using this tutorial. You can then install them using wad manager. cIOSCorp/DarkCORP users just have to run the boot.dol and it will install. Also remember, installing wads is a dangerous business, be sure to have some brick protection if you plan on installing one! Be it [URL=]Priiloader or Bootmii as boot2.

    - USB Loader GX - This loader supports DVD/USB. Though its primarily for USB Loading. Also allows you to select which iOS to use to load backups (I.e, iOS222/223/249) This is my personal favourite, never used USB Loading much but when I do, this is the one I like to use.

    - Neogamma - This remarkable up-to date loader supports DVD/USB/SD loading. I'd recommend it if you plan on loading from Disc. Unfortunately, this loader only uses iOS249. On the bright side, it has some support for Gamecube Discs.

    - CFG-Loader - A configurable loader based on Waninkoko's usb loader. Supports loading from SDHC/USB Devices. Also allows you to have background music.

    - uLoader - An interesting loader from Hermes with many interesting features. Read here for a proper features list and changelog.

    - DarkCORP/cIOSCorp - I'll get to the point, though cIOSCorp (also known as DARKCORP) is a brillant modification which allows you to load backups from the disc channel. It is a powerful mod which can easily brick you! It can be very dangerous if you do NOT know what you are doing! Be sure to READ, READ and READ!

    Select a cIOS Revision
    First of all, if you're not sure how to install a cIOS, read this. If you softmodded using one the above tutorials then this part isn't a must. If you want to use a different cIOS revision however, you can choose one of the following, replacing the files from Ithian's tutorial with the ones here:

    Hermes iOS202, iOS222 and iOS223
    Tutorial on setting it up here

    cMIOS (Gamecube Loading only)
    Setup tutorial with GC Backup loader 0.2 and cMIOS-rev5 Installer

    *NB: In the case of iOS249/250:
    [ADVANCED] means that is a bit advanced and shouldn't be messed around with unless [RECOMMENDED] does not work. if you did one of the above tutorials to softmod, then you'll probably have the [RECOMMENDED] cIOS installed.

    Preparing your Media for loading
    If you plan on using a SD Card or USB HDD to load backups, take a look at this tutorial on preparing it. If you're a mac user and you need to format your HDD, I'd advise you read this as well as the one before to get a better understanding.

    If you plan on using DVD Discs to load your backups. It is simply a matter of burning them. Use this tutorial (Windows) or this (for Mac OS X). When it comes to choosing DVD Media, you might want to read this.

    If you want to know why USB loading is considered better than DVD loading:
    1. USB Loading is faster than DVD loading. While DVD Backups only load at 3x (half the speed of regular wii games), USB Loading allows games to go at full speed and then some (8x)

    2. No space is wasted. All Wii games have extra 'useless' padding that makes them larger (usually 4.37 GB), WBFS Managers strip of this junk data before installing them onto HDD. Let's do some Math, If you had 50 games burnt on DVD-R. They all will be 4.37 GB (atleast), so that means 4.37 GB x 50 = 218.5 GB of space is used. However, most of that space was wasted, a game at largest would be 3.5 GB when junk is stripped off, so here's another worked example if we were to place those 50 games on a USB Loader; 3.5 GB x 50 = 175 GB. And that's at most!

    3. All your games are in one place. This saves you room. Instead of having a stack of DVDs, you have one HDD with even more games.

    4. DVD Backups can damage the Wii's laser. Some faster than others, though you can stick with high quality DVD-R to reduce this factor.

    If you're wondering about games: here's a tutorial.


    If loading a certain game causes your system to reboot on a black screen (this problem, will most likely happen when you're on a system menu 3.1 or lower, shouldn't happen if you did one of the tutorials here), the problem is usually a missing or outdated iOS, just check this out. If there are other problems or the problem is still not solved, take a look at this list of problematic games and their fixes.

    Credit: Author to all guides (Ithian, Tealc, Dogeggs, me and who ever I missed)
    Credit: Author of the software used (Waninkoko, WiiPower, WiiGator, Hermes and anyone I forgot)
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    Really nice mate well put together

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    personally i prefer CFG USB Loader

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    Should i use this guide if im running 4.3 system menu? I used mauifrog's 4.3 softmod guide.

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    All the guides here are great. Thanks for all the good info guys.


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    Hi, everyone I have a toshiba (mk4025gas) 40gb hard drive (IDE). I or ready got usbloader cfg, when I connect hard drive and load usbloader it keeps coming up retry, any advice many thanks

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    It could be your hdd not being set up properly.
    It could be your drive not being compatible with the wii.

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    How do I find out these things many thanks

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    It's prob the compatabilty of the drive more than anything. Try using a small usb stick to see it works. Have a look at the fat32 guide for setting your hdd up.

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    Hi it's me again, im using a USB hdd I've got configure USB loader when I click on it, the screen goes black then goes back on wii menu please help


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