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Thread: Iwata: 3D functionality of Nintendo 3DS can be turned off

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    Iwata: 3D functionality of Nintendo 3DS can be turned off

    Afraid that the jump-off-the-screen 3D effects promised by Nintendo's next handheld (code-named the 3DS) will become tiresome and overly gimmicky? Addressing concerns that there may be possible health consequences with 3D gaming, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata assured Forbes that the 3D function can be turned off easily, allowing players to enjoy games in a more traditional 2D manner.

    While little else is known about the device, it seems like a smart move to ensure Nintendo's next system is attractive to as wide of an audience as possible. Of course, we may change our minds after its E3 debut -- perhaps the 3D effect will be so captivating that we'll be unable to think of gaming in any other way

    I can imagine myself turning 3D on and off over and over.

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    Good idea considering prolonged use of 3d glasses can screw with your depth perception and make you dizzy and I could just imagine the lawsuits that would cause.


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