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Thread: Rockband 2 DLC Help.

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    Unhappy Rockband 2 DLC Help.

    I'm sorry if this has already been posted elsewhere but none of the threads I searched seem to have the exact same issue I have.

    I have been struggling getting the DLC of RB2 to work. I have installed the wads to make songs up to the 4th gen (I believe so), to show up as purchased. When I try to download songs from the music shop I get an error saying "Not enough space on wii system memory" even though I have more than 1000 blocks free. I have heard that this happens to PAL shop users but this is not my case since I can access the US shop channel. I believe that my shop channel is also updated since I can access it with no problems whatsoever. I run a backup of RB2 through NeoGamma R9 Beta 8 and it says i'm on cIOS 249 rev. 7. Also my Wii is currently at 3.2u.

    I have also tried to get the DLC using the pc tools. I followed the instructions and got the dlc manager to add the songs on my SD card properly. The songs however don't show up. I don't even see a rb2 dlc file on the SD card using the wii's data manager (If I am supposed to). The only doubt I have in doing this PC tools method was the 8 digit key that was to be placed in the ng_id.txt. I used DOP-Mi v12 and created a spreadsheet with various info regarding different IOS numbers. In this spreadsheet an 8 digit number was listed beside "Wii unique ID" or something like that. Was this the wrong key to place in the ng_id.txt file?

    I would prefer to just download songs from the music store because I only want a select few from each gen of DLC. I would really appreciate help on this topic. I have searched in various forums, wiihacks included, for a solution but none would seem to work for me. Any help or insight as to how to solve my problem is greatly appreciated.

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    Whatever you're using to run RB2, make sure that you're using a cIOS based off IOS 37, otherwise the shop glitches out (mentioned in numerous places around this board, even without searching for the fact). Also, rev7, really? Use rev19, (is your Shop Channel up-to-date, by the way? might also be a problem for you), or wait since rev20 will probably be released in the near-near future.

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    Well thanks for your reply. I haven't really updated my Wii much since I haven't been using it much this year. I used the feature of DOP-Mi v12 to install the shop channel to see if the problem was having an outdated shop channel. Not sure if that acts as updating it though. Is there a way to tell if my shop channel is the updated to the latest? I thought that being able to access to the shop channel would mean that it's updated already.

    Anyway thanks for the advice. I'll find a cIOS based on 37 and rev19 and post here what happens with that. Thanks again.

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    Search for the GUIDE on RB2 DLC.

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    Yes, access to the Shop Channel is a good enough indicator.

    Just get the rev19 installer, and tell it to set up slot 249 with base 37, RB2 will work flawlessly after that. Solved all the issues I've had with it, at least.

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    help please

    here's the thing, i managed to download all RB2 DLC from nus eventhough I have a very slow internet connection.
    but the thing is, I haven't placed my key inside ng.txt before the download. Can I still get all these DLCs to work with my
    emulated NAND? if so, what should i do? Do i need to inject my console's key to the downloaded files? how?

    Thanks for your help!

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