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Thread: wii Drivekey problems any info

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    wii Drivekey problems any info

    Hi there i have just tried to install the drive key on a wii and get the error message when loading any disc original and back up, an error has occurred press the eject button and remove the disc then turn of the wii and refer to the wii manual for trouble shooting i followed the online tutorial videos and seemed to have everything as it should be , i checked several more tutorials just to double check ive got a 4.1e version wii update ,the chip inside reads a gc2-d1a and has proxy resin on it ,ive the settings switch to pal if i remove the drive key the originals work when back on nothing works including the mii channel has anyone had a problem like this before or know how to fix it your info will be much appreciated and thank you in advance

    not interested in soft modding also cannot access the drive key menu by eject 3x maybe a duff drivekey

    ok i get the error with ANYTHING i do....I get that error if i try to access the config menu, i get it if i insert a back-up, AND i get it if i insert an original game after trying it now on a 3rd wii console ive come to the conclusion that the chip is in fact defective.
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    Well as you've said the chip may be defective and have you tired using it with the Wii open without any pressure on the chip?

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    Defective chip or a broken flat cable that came with the drivekey.


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