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Thread: Update to 4.2 or latter before installing wasabi dx

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    Update to 4.2 or latter before installing wasabi dx

    Maybe the question I am going to post might has been answer before in another post, but have been unable to find it, so my apologies from the start.

    As many users have experienced, newer games need for the console's firmware to be updated. What will happend if I update my console to the newest firmaware first, 4.2 for example and afterwards install the wasabi dx+v16 ? Will it brick the console ?
    Act as if no wasabi is installed ?
    Will I be able to play the newest games ?
    I have tried to play F1, Wii fit plus and others and all ask to update the firmware.

    Any advise or referral to a post that can answer my questions is highly appreciated.


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    I'm not a modchip expert but just to give you some quick food for thought, many modchips will lose out-of-region compatibility on 4.2. I don't know if this is the case with WasabiDX but you may want to look into it.
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    Region free abilities will be gone but loading games from your own region should still work fine.

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    Advice: update to 4.1 using the guides in the tutorial section. 4.1 is the best system menu. 4.2 has nothing on it but stuff to block hacks and chip abilities.
    Then softmod so that you can update ios's to their latest versions also using the tutorial section. Games are ios dependent not system menu dependent (at least for now). Then you'll be able to play all region, and all the newest games on a wii that's been both softmodded and hardmodded. Once you have the ios the game needs the game will play. I'd say spend a lot more time in the tutorials section here at wiihacks, and you'll be glad you did once you're setup.

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    Thanks very much to all for your insight into my problem.
    I sure am at the start of a long learning journey. Need to read a lot, do not know what an ios is, but will find out.
    When loading a game that ask to update the console. How can I skip this and continue playing ?

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    Well most of the time that update is for updating the ios and in some cases the system menu but thats only if your system menu is old and I'm not entirely sure if the Wasabi blocks disc updates but if your intending to also do a softmod then priiloader is the way to go.

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    In wasabi's settings you can block disc updates for both import and domestic separately, just run the setup disc from your wasabi from, but I use priiloader as added protection, plus for it's other features. As favs said most of the time the update on disc is only for updating the ios so that the wii can read the disc or allow the wii to perform some other action needed for the game to play, but sometimes it will update the system menu as well. Here's a glossary of terms we use in hacking the wii a lot (though it's looking a little outdated now).
    Some newer terms can be picked up as well by just reading the forums. The tutorials section is your new best friend, and honestly if you want a really intense rundown of any and everything that can go wrong in advance before trying anything what I tend to do is go through all the responses in a thread. This can be very time consuming but also very, very informative and beneficial that way if something unexpected happens you'll have the benefit of knowing something about "why" ahead of time. Priiloader and Bootmii are 2 apps that can really save you from many problems. I'd go into more detail but I'd run the risk of being off topic and plus it's already covered in other places here on the forums. I wish you luck in finding what you need and getting your wii running everything you want it to.


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