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Thread: Wii Sports Resort Tops 14 Million Copies Sold!

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    Wii Sports Resort Tops 14 Million Copies Sold!

    Along with this reached milestone, Nintendo now has 79 million-seller games.

    Regardless of the sales drop that occurred for both the Wii and DS this year, Nintendo now has 79 million sellers on their gaming platforms. Including third party titles, the sales figure grew from the last fiscal year (which was 54 million sellers).

    Wii Sports Resort was the year's biggest seller, with 16.14 million copies sold worldwide. The title has been in the NPD top ten since its July 2009 release, and was the second best selling title in 2009. Wii Fit Plus was another best selling title with 12.65 million copies sold worldwide. New Super Mario Bros. Wii has sold 14.6 million copies worldwide.

    On the DS, Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver was the best seller with 8.4 million copies sold.
    Source: Nintendo World Report

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    WSR is my fav game right now and my son loves it too.
    Well worth the money.


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