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Thread: Help, I'm oblivious to what a thread title is.

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    Help, I'm oblivious to what a thread title is.

    I have a banner bricked 4.2 wii and nothing is working a i cant get a mod chip what should i do?

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    Well if you don#t have boot2 bootmii or priiloader, you will need a modchip to fix it.

    You could borrow and modchip, buy a modchip, or send it to someone with a modchip.
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    Assuming you don't have priiloader or bootmii installed, you can run the Speed Demon Data Management Method (Using a modchip) to install/run the homebrew exploit indiana pwns & remove the offending WAD file. You do remember what WAD file you installed before this happened, right?


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    I rembered i have boot 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by dus View Post
    I rembered i have boot 2
    Well that changes alot, you don't need a modchip anymore. Here is what you must do:

    1) Put your bootmii files, or get some elsewhere & put them on your sd card.
    2) Download Anytitledeleter here:
    -Info here: AnyTitle Deleter - WiiBrew
    3) Have the sd card in the wii, then turn it on. It should go straight to bootmii. Access the homebrew channel & load Anytitledeleter.
    4) Delete the offending file, You must remember what it is!!
    5) Your wii is restored!

    You don't need a modchip for this, go ahead & try it.



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