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Thread: vba white screen X.X

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    vba white screen X.X

    I had VbaGX working. I got the kids all excited, and of course it "broke" right after. What in the world?

    I have uninstalled/reinstalled. I found information online about white screen issues being caused by the need for a larger save file - 128 vs. 64kb, so I bombed out everything from the save folder. Did not help a bit. *eye twitch*

    If anyone has some advice, I'd hug you for it. And if I can figure out how to fix this on my own, I'll post a follow up for reference sake.

    Oddly, the snes9xGX is working FINE. No issues at all.

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    The roms I was attempting to boot up were working on an emulator on a computer. But they weren't working on the Wiii. First they booted up, then it took a few tries. Then not at all. White screen.

    The save file size wasn't an issue at all. It was the roms. I don't know how having them on a computer and moving them to an SD made them incompatible with the Wii. But the roms I tracked down online and downloaded fresh run fine. I was able to find backups for my entire GBA library. So yay!

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