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Thread: Disc drive can not read disc, refer to user manual.

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    Disc drive can not read disc, refer to user manual.

    Ok im running my burned games with neogamma and when i play a game for example, mario sluggers, it will run for a bit then all of sudden the error message comes up stating Disc drive can not read disc, refer to user manual. What can i do to fix that?

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    Dirty/scratched disk. Bad iso or too many things running on your pc when burning.
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    I get this sometimes with my Aones (TY's). Even a slight fingerprint sometimes causes it. Other times need to reburn. Burn at slowest speed possible on good media and keep the discs clean.

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    Thank you! Much appreciated, I might have to redownload the iso and do what you said. I also have games on a USB which works perfectly.


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