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Thread: No more heroes desperate struggle on any USB loader

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    No more heroes desperate struggle on any USB loader


    I'm kinda new here and I have posted some things in the past but never had any real issues. First I want to thank the people in this forum that put a lot of effort in helping those who have issues. I hope I can be of any help in the future.

    So here's my issue:

    Any game works on my wii and I have succeeded in fixing games like monster hunter with using other Ios's and such, but this no more heroes desperate struggle just doesn't want to work.

    On any usb loader (fiiflow, usbloader gx, Uloader) it starts and untill the first loading screen after all the developers have been shown it just stays there. It gets stuck in the loading screen while I can still make the thing turn faster with pressing the B button it just stays there. I had waited for 5 minutes and it still didn't want to continue. This issue also comes in the other usb loaders.

    I've searched through the internet and I couldn't find anyone with this same problem where it got stuck in the loading screen so I thought maybe I converted it wrong but, or maybe someone does have the same issue and can help me out.

    Can anyone help me please?

    Thank you for your time

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    Works for me on cfg usbloader default settings cios38 rev19. R u sure u have a working iso?

    Works with rev17 and 14 also, must be a bad iso
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    Yup all good here, CFG USB Loader, REV14. Don't update to Rev19 to try and get it to work!
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Im allready downloading a new image but for in the meantime I can still try out some stuff

    How do I change revs?

    I use usb loader GX not the normal one, is there a differencE?

    Also for more information I use a pal wii and the game is NTSC

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    U change rev by using a cios installer via hbc, i don't really think your loader will be at fault for this. And as for the ntsc games on pal wii I have about 50/50 pal/ntsc games and all work fine.

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    I have tested a new Image and the exact same problem still occurs.

    I found out that I allready had rev 14, should I update to a higher rev and test it out?

    Edit: I also tried rev 19 and did some research about it and found this:

    Base WADs Possible Uses:
    IOS37-64-v3869.wad -> Support for games with instruments (Rockband/GH/etc.)
    IOS38-64-v3867.wad -> Widely known/supported/stable base
    IOS57-64-v5661.wad -> First with updated modules "OHCI0 USB USB_HID USB_HUB USB_MSC USB_VEN ETH"
    IOS60-64-v6174.wad -> Better network code / The Conduit (?)
    IOS70-64-v6687.wad -> SD/SDHC speed/wifi improvements (?)

    (Credit to det1re & Skater4599
    I installed it only for IOS37 and 38. and it still didn't work.

    Couldn't it be something with the settings?
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    I found out the problem. It was my HDD all along. What I did is install the game on a different Usb drive and it worked

    thanks for all your help guys. If a mod or anyone see's this topic it can be closed

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    Im Glad that you got it all sorted out....

    *Thread Closed @ OP Request....


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