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Thread: Solderless Wiikey 2 & Wii Fit

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    Hello guys,

    I am a new guy here.
    I don't really have a lot of knowledge about WII.

    My Wii version is 3.2E.

    Anyhow, I bought a Solderless Wiikey 2 and installed it. I bought it from here:
    Solderless Wiikey 2 - Free Triwing in stock! [] :, Australian Supplier of WiiKey, Drivekey, M3, R4DS and CycloDS

    It works like a charm. My friend also helped me to install Homebrew.

    I have never done any update on the system.

    Now, I bought a WiiFit. Trouble then came. It does not allow me to go ahead unless I install update. I don't dare to install the update as I heard it will ruin the whole machine.

    Now I end up with a Wii Fit board laying underneath my TV doing nothing literally.

    I hope the experts here can provide me with step to step guide on how I can tackle this problem.



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    I suppose there are many experts here that can help out with this matter?

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    Well if you do run that update your sys menu will become either 4.1 or 4.0 and the IOS the game requires to run will be installed allowing you to play the game and since I'm not sure what softmods you have installed I can't provide further information.

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    Hi Favs,

    So you are saying, even with Wiikey2, I can still update and it won't cause any trouble with the system?



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    If you update to 4.2 you'll loose your region free capabilities with it but it should still work quite fine.

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    Just download cios rev17 and the latest version of neogamma and install them. You will not need to upgrade.
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    You do realise that the information you just provided is irrelevent to his original question as hes using a modchip which works far better than neogamma and as stated hes on an old system menu which more than likely dosn't have the appropriate ios hence why its asking to update.

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