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    i want to hack my wii using the twilight hack but i have a few
    questions first 1. whats the risk of me bricking my wi and if i do is there a way i can unbrick it with out buying anything online 2.i have been seeing some wii isos i am in the process of downloading this 79 .rar files for brawl how would i make this onto a dvd-r would i need to un zip then and then make all of it a big .rar file instead of multiples and 3 what homebrew wii app from the homebrew channel will i need to run it once i hack my wii

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    the answer to your quetions.

    1. no ......not if you read up on the subject first prevension is better that cure.

    2 open the 1st .rar file drag the iso ( game image ) out then burn the iso using imageburn use dvd-r and burn 1,2,2.4 speed max

    3. that depends on what you want , wads, vc.

    have a look here on my tutorial

    hope this helps you

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    alright so i don't need any of those other 78 parts just part 1 for it to work properly right

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    not quite, you will need all parts but you only open the first part and winrar will do the rest.

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    ok i'll try it when i got all the parts downloaded i have 20 so far its taken forever to download all 79


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