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Thread: Wasabi dx on led red all time

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    Wasabi dx on led red all time

    i install wasabi dx in my wii. in chip on led red all time.

    Wasabi dx support this drive wii? Or need soldering?
    If insert neoriginal game disk, led turn on green but game not run. and have "ERROR please turn off your console"
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    Drive chipset database may help you.
    I assume you already tried unplugging all ribbon cables and double checking connections. Ribbon cables can be finicky.
    To me your drive board looks somewhat similar to the one other members are talking about in this thread:
    due to the fact that your board is missing the controller chip. Mind you I'm not an expert at identifying drive boards and you may have an even newer version board than the one discussed in the posting i linked above. In that thread they're discussing the first gen boards missing the controller chip.
    If the DX is incompatible you can try and get your money back and softmod using one of the guides here @ wiihacks (or buy a wode). Have you tried contacting the seller of the chip or wasabi themselves?
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    How old is the Wii itself?


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