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Thread: transfer files to wii hdd from pc

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    transfer files to wii hdd from pc

    I have mplayerCE and WiiMC and am able to use samba share to stream files over my home network from my pc to my wii but would like to actually transfer files from my desktop pc to the hard drive that is connected to my wii (i use usb loader and a wbfs partition to play games) without having to disconnect the hard drive from my wii- over the network.

    my question is there a program in which will allow me to do this? Streaming isnt so bad, but every so often it stumbles and fails and it would be easier to transfer files over the network to the NTFS partition of the hdd that is connected to the wii and then play them from there.

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    Hi dpd069

    you need ftpii........

    googlecode page at: ftpii - Project Hosting on Google Code
    full tutorial page at: How to get FTPii up and running! -


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