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Thread: Problems with some IOS and Rockband

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    Problems with some IOS and Rockband

    Okay, hey people.
    Im not sure if this is the right forum, but after browsing most of them, i think this was te correct one, if not, please tell me where to post this problem.

    So, i have Rockband 2 as a copy disk, not original, but the Rockband The Beatles original disk. I started playing RB2 with uLoader, but after playing some DLC my Wii memory got overloaded and my RB2 save was reduced to 1 block, and all playgame was lost.
    I solved that issue by updating all my IOS with PimpMyWii and then installing ios 247 with base 37, when i used uLoader or Neogamma the game randomly freezed at Loading screen. I changed to SoftChip and works perfectly now.

    Now, i tried to use RawkSD, I run the patcher, it says it done, i run RawkSD from HBC, click Install, and it says it all went fine. So i go to soft chip, try to load the game, but now my instruments wont work on 249 with base 37 [Or any other IOS] via Soft Chip.
    Afterwards i tried to play Rockband the beatles [Original disk] but in disk channel it says i must update, i told it to update, bar fills up in 2 seconds and says its done.

    I was clueless on why that happened, so i reinstalled IOS37, then used bug trucha on it. Everything works fine up to this point, just like before i ran RawkSD Patcher. I tried to install RawkSD without running the patcher first, as IOS37 alredy has trucha on it. But RawkSD wont let me install the customs.

    So yes, i dont know why the Original disk tought my wii was outdated or why IOS249 Base 37 stoped working after RawkSDPatcher modified IOS37. Isnt IOS 249 alredy installed and works separately from the IOS37? Any toughts or comments on this or how to make RawkSD work are really appreciated.
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