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Thread: Metroid Prime Hardmod Problem

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    Metroid Prime Hardmod Problem

    ... Please refer to the operations manual for details."

    Okay, so I've had my Wii modifed with a wiikey (original) since 2007, and bought it when it was first released in europe, at the end of 2006 I think it was.

    I've basically had zero issues so far, but now I've been playing Metroid Prime Trilogy for some time and I completed both 1 and 2, 2 times after each other (first on veteran then on hypermode). After that I started with the 3rd game. Played about 10 hours no problem, but now when I play I'm getting the black screen with the "wii disc could not be read" message during gameplay!

    That has never happened to me before, not even on smash bros brawl. But now after 10 hours of Metroid prime 3 I've had it happen 3 times after each other. The disc seems to be clean so that should'nt be a problem. Using verbatim dual layer disc.

    So I'm wondering, has my laser gone bad? Is there a way to fix this? Or is my wii hosed?

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