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Thread: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love Reviewed

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    Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love Reviewed

    The Sakura Wars series has had a huge success in Japan over the pass decade but this is the first in the series to ever migrate to America. After playing for a while I can understand why they were so reluctant to release it here given the premise and the nature of the game and its heavy Anime influence that you would expect from a JRPG. Set in an alternate '20 New York you play a young man name sent from Tokyo to New York to assist a group of all female broadway singing mechanized combat unit. If you were expecting a classic RPG experience then you risk being a little disappointed. Most of the game you will spent exploring the city and talking to people and trying to build relationships and earning the trust of your fellow female friends. The story line is pretty good and the dialogue is fairly amusing, there is nothing real mature or serious about it but it is quite entertaining none the less, and the fact offers an incredible amount of possible choices and outcomes gives this game a very good replay value.

    In all this game feels more like a Sim's adventure than an actual RPG until you get into the battles. These are very long and complex just like every rpg battle should be with a turn based free motion battle system that is extremely well implemented. Each character takes turns attacking and moving around on the playing field allowing you to set up individual attacks or joint combos with your teammates. The interesting thing about this is that status of the relationship you have with those teammates affects how well you perform these attacks, so all that time you spent talking to and helping people in the rest of the story is not all about getting a date.

    Personally this game did not greatly appeal to me and would give it a fail, the fact that I am not a huge Anime fan and that the game is aimed at a younger crowd has a great influence on that decision. But!! I have to give credit where credit is due and this game looks nice, the storyline is entertaining, the battle mechanics are a great success and it has an excellent replay value due to the opened ended Sim style adventure. So my official rating is a Legendary Win even though it will not appeal to all.

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